Your company's telephony, reimagined

Be constantly connected to your team and the world, wherever you are and on any device

Uniq is a unified corporate communication tool

Make your company's communications faster and more effective. Cut steps, save time and provide more autonomy to workforces with the easy support of digital media. Uniq integrates telephone and extension services to messaging, file sharing, audio and video, and conferences. All in one tool. Easy to use and accessible on multiple devices, such as telephones, computers and smartphones.


Multi-device communication

Start a conversation on a device and finish it wherever you need. Unify communications using smartphones, desktops and conventional telephones on the same call.

Audio, video and text communications

Simplify sending audio, video and text messages. From a simple phone call, you can start an audio or video conference with more participants, share screens, audio and video files, and send written messages.


Make phone calls via Uniq. Uniq is also your PBX servicing direct extensions on each of your company's positions Uniq's usability with telephone operator voice services strengthens the relationship between employees and the tool, and makes day-to-day work easier.

HD voice and video conference calls

Make voice, video or conference calls with high sound and image quality. Uniq adds quality to conventional multimedia resources.


Search for information in conversations or calls, create data archives, backups, and analyze unusual behaviors in the work environment. Uniq offers more security to companies and users.

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Uniq is the complete solution for your business

Communications must facilitate your company's development.
Business and decisions must not be limited by communication capabilities. Uniq delivers a corporate telephony solution with all the benefits of a collaborative tool for workforces. Own your company and the way it communicates.

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