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Uniq connects your clients to a reimagined corporate world. Be the passport to this new world.

Increase your operator's product portfolio adding Uniq to your business. Turn VAS into product and gain client fidelity with this truly unbeatable offer for this market. Uniq at your operator means more business for your company and more profitability for your operation.

Uniq gathers all work-related benefits and features for teams in one tool, natively integrated to the voice services of a telephone switchboard. Your operator will be offering a complete Unified Communications solution to your clients.

Like you, Uniq preserves all user data and the privacy of companies that acquire the tool. Complete cryptography in all communications and data stored on-premises for your operations. Provide a safe service and guarantee that your operator and your users will be at ease.

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Satisfied companies with efficient communications. How about this result in your operator's portfolio?

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